Campaign Platform

Terrell Williams has a platform centered on diversity, equity, and inclusion for all Delawareans. His platform improves the everyday lives for residents within the 9th District that simultaneously tackles broader issues affecting everyone in the state and society at large.

Education — Terrell supports free speech and free expression in the classroom. He maintains that government should not censor educational curriculum and that it should accurately recite history. Terrell believes that we make schools more safe and secure not by relying on policing, but by providing mental health and community resources to students and families.

Crime and Safety — Terrell believes in re-imagining our criminal justice system to be more rehabilitative and supportive. In that vein, he believes that Delaware can improve our correctional system and facilities to better support incarcerated citizens. In particular, Terrell wants to focus on supporting non-violent offenders with more opportunities for restorative justice and creating pathways for them to successfully reintegrate into society. He sees how our current criminal justice system puts profit above healing people and we need to implement reform to fix this systemic issue.

Mental Health and Health Care — Terrell believes in increasing access to health care, which includes a buy in option for Medicaid. He wants co-pays to stop being a barrier to receiving health care, especially when it comes to mental health care. Terrell supports the government investing more in health care with programs like a 45-day inpatient treatment option for people with substance abuse issues and bringing back government-run facilities for institutionalization. He believes that Delaware needs standalone mental health facilities; hospitals can no longer triage care for every issue and that nonprofits can’t fully bear the burden since they don’t have all the resources they need. Terrell wants to modernize the health care system with a focus on creating more facilities focused on mental health.

Infrastructure and Development — Terrell understands that the 9th District is the fastest growing district in Delaware. He is a strong proponent for smart development within the 9th District. Terrell sees how disparate development is impacting our communities, with uneven traffic patterns and congestion, lack of clean energy resources and utilities, and affordable housing. Terrell wants to make the 9th District a commuter-friendly area by investing in public transportation in a holistic and realistic manner. He believes Delaware can benefit from a light rail system that connects the state’s transportation system with other regional transportation systems, which will allow all Delawareans to freely travel around our state, with minimal impact on our environment. 

Clean Energy and Climate Change — Terrell acknowledges that Delaware uses too much fossil and carbon fuels. He wants the state to transition to utilizing more clean energy. Terrell is a big proponent of solar energy, wind turbines, electric cars and other innovative forms of clean energy to help Delaware become carbon-neutral.
Committee to Elect Terrell Williams
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